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Kenneth Branagh in Much Ado about Nothing, 1993

Kenneth Branagh in Much Ado about Nothing, 1993

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Much Ado about Nothing (Kenneth Branagh, 1993)


A classical piece, written by Shakespeare and interpreted by Kenneth Branagh, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves, Emma Thompson, Michael Keaton, Robert Sean Leonard and Kate Beckinsale was filmed in Villa Vignamaggio just outside Greve in Chianti, in Petriolo.









Gardens in Tuscany, Villa Vignamaggio

, the setting of Much Ado about Nothing, 1993

Villa Vignamaggio


The villa at Vignamaggio was built by the Gherardini family in the XIV century. The Gherardini's were feudatories in the Chianti and the Val d'Elsa areas and settled in Florence in 1100 following the death of Matilda of Tuscany. They founded the Republic of Florence. The famous Mona Lisa or La Gioconda is probably the portrait of Lisa Gherardini known as "Gioconda" because she was married to Francesco Bartolomeo del Giocondo.

How to reach Villa Vignamaggio | The villa is situated less than 4km from the centre of Greve in Chianti and 8km from Panzano | GPS COORDINATES: NORTH 43° 33’ 26’’ – EAST 11° 20’ 15’’




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Podere Santa Pia, situated in the heart of the Tuscany countryside, between Siena and Florence, has kept intact all its original charm: spacious and restful areas, pleasant and harmonious architecture, atmospheres of times gone by... A generous garden sweeps down the hill with olive and downy oak trees and various areas for relaxing and soaking in the views. The cool shadow of centuries-old oak trees, the thousand colors of the garden changing at each season make of this place a natural oasis.


Podere Santa Pia
Podere Santa Pia, giardino
San Qurico d'Orcia
Val d'Orcia" tra Montalcino Pienza e San Quirico d’Orcia.
Siena, Piazza del Campo

Villa Cahen

Vasari Corridor, Florence
Siena, Duomo
Florence, Duomo
Crete Senesi, surroundings of Podere Santa Pia

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